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Promotion of an Integrated European the National R&D Initiative for Fossil Enegy Technologies Towards Zero Emission Power Plant


For Europe to meet its future energy needs and to attain its environmental targets, whilst maintaining security of supply, a carbon management strategy needs to be adopted that embraces the use of fossil fuels alongside energy from other sources and a strong improvement in energy efficiency. For fossil fuels, especially gas and solids, this must entail the mitigation of CO2 through increased efficiency and the development of technologies that will lead to very low or zero emissions, including the use of CO2 capture and storage. The improvement of the performance of the key components, implementing new power plant concepts and sequestering carbon dioxide is substantial in this respect. FENCO is the preparatory step to form a single major European initiative for energy technologies towards a carbon free power production based on fossil fuels. It is foreseen to establish a European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) that defines a technology path towards low and near zero emission power plants on an extended European level and which links the R&D and demonstration needs of EU member states, the EU, industry and academia. It is envisaged that this will be based on a step-by-step approach combined with significant advances to ensure that future technologies will lead to an improved competitiveness through affordable energy prices whilst at the same time making a significant contribution towards attaining emission reduction targets. Within this SSA it is the aim of the mentioned Member States to prepare the structure and management processes of the following ERA-NET. This will be achieved by analysing the various research programs and academic initiatives in Europe, considering their position in a global sense, identifying synergies of approach and content and thus establishing the basis for a coherent and efficient fossil energy technology initiative across Europe.

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