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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Bulk and surface properties and nanocomplexes of macromolecules and surfactants


Macromolecules and surfactants are used in a range of products, particularly in household and personal care products. The main objective of the proposal is to obtain increased fundamental understanding of these technologically relevant systems. The forma tion of bulk and interfacial nanocomplexes in macromolecule/surfactant systems will be investigated by modern experimental methods and thermodynamic modelling. These studies will result in a significant gain in the understanding of the role of charge de nsity, molecular architecture and molecular weight of the polymer in the polymer/surfactant interaction and interfacial behaviour. We also aim at a deeper insight into the correlation between the interfacial and bulk solution properties of these mixtures , which currently is a rather poorly understood topic with paramount importance. The gained comprehensive understanding will allow a rational use of polymer-surfactant complexes in applications as well as provide new innovative routes in the nanoscience . The project will also contribute to the gradual process of replacing systems used today with polymer-surfactant systems. This will be beneficial for the environment and thus for the society as a whole. The largest environmental gain is expected to com e from novel cleaning formulations replacing the excessive current use of surfactants in such formulations. The new knowledge obtained will, however, be equally important for applications such as responsive surface coatings, biotechnology, novel self-as sembled nanostructures, and personal care products. The present proposal will build on the achievements of Róbert Mészáros recent Marie-Curie Fellowship in bulk and interfacial polyelectrolyte/surfactant interaction. The successful accomplishments of th e project will pave the way for the professional reintegration of the candidate researcher in Hungary as well as for a permanent position in the host institution.

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