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Application of nanotechnologies for separation and recovery of volatile organic compounds from waste air streams


The abatement of the environmental problems is one of the biggest challenges of technology today. This requires investment in new and clean processes. The development and implementation of new production and separation processes may result in a green indu strial revolution. Nanotechnology and membrane technology has many opportunities in this respect. Membrane systems offer lower costs, less maintenance, more flexibility, and significant environmental and product quality advantages than the conventional t echnologies and can be applied to a wide variety of industries. While membrane systems can perform difficult separations not possible with other technologies, nanotechnology gives new opportunities for cleaner production. Since the use of nanotechnologi es and membrane technologies in industry is new, the end-users, located in the Associate Candidate Countries (ACC), have not yet compiled and homogenized information. There is a great need within the end users in the ACCs to be informed about the applica tion areas, the type of applications, and organic compound separation, recovery and reduce. This will be achieved by means of a symposium and dissemination of results obtained so far. The symposium will lead to integrate the knowledge of excellent expert s in this field. The aim of the project is to unify and coordinate the efforts of the scientists working in the Application of Nanotechnologies for Separation and Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds from Waste Air Streams. These are planning to be pe rformed via symposium activities. During these activites effect of integration of the knowledge of excellent experts in nanotechnologies, membrane technologies and air pollution prevention in the field discussed is planning to be accomplished. In pract ice this will be an attempt for effective cooperation of academic and scientific researcher from one side with industrial, national and local administration, from another side.

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