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Innovation Relay Centre for Northern England and France Nord Manche


The main aim of this proposal is to contribute to the objectives of the European Research Area and the Research and Innovation Programme by assisting companies, universities and research institutes with the exploitation of research results, transnational technology transfer and to maximise the benefits of Community research. The services proposed to meet this aim will be split into four main workpackages: 1) Services to IRC Clients - this includes transnational technology transfer (TTT), increasing the c apacity of firms to participate in TTT and the dissemination of the results of Community R&D 2) Services to the IRC network - participation in transnational thematic groups, brokerage / partnering events, submission off high quality technology offers and requests to the network and development and exchange of good practice across the network. 3) Internal IRC matters - to ensure effective management and coordination of the IRC. 4) Anglo-French component - to ensure the added-value of functioning as a transnational IRC is disseminated to the wider network while maintaining the unique relationship built up over the past three years between the UK and French partners. These activities will result in the following hard results: 400 technology offers and requests submitted to the network or processed locally, 2800 expressions of interest leading to negotiations, 72 transnational technology transfer agreements Alongside these results 1100 number of companies will be provided with hands-on assistance to participate in transnational technology transfer and significant effort will be given to the increasing the effectiveness of the network as a whole.

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