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Innovation Relay Centre Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz


The basis of the IRC's high-quality provision of services is the "Modular Service Management Concept", a distinguished client approach. The idea is to acquire new clients offering modular complementary services and to help existing ones to pass from pass ive use of services to active engagement pushing both the clients' interest and the IRC goals. The concept is customer-friendly, with interchanging and flexible services promptly reacting to entrepreneurial needs. The IRC network will profit from this ap proach to stimulate the capacity of firms adopting and transferring new technologies - thus pushing innovation Europe wide. An integral part is a systematic follow-up with a contract and pricing system. Performance indicators help to evaluate the clients ' involvement. Implementing the benchmarked tool "Diapro Extra Light" enables the IRC to select companies as to their potential and intentions thus disburdening the network from non-essential TT profiles. Backed by the host organisations with expertise to assess TT profiles and "technology key lines" the IRC is well-prepared to generate high-quality TO/TR. Being member of the board of 3 regional competence networks of materials, optical, hydrogen and fuel cell industries combined with 4 memberships in th e IRC Thematic Groups the IRC is provided with a pool of committed "key clients". The IRC will provide the IRC network with 3 "good practices" and will support the implementation: An interactive tool for an improved presentation of TO/TR in BBS and at br okerage events; Grande Région, a model for a transregional cluster and its working procedures; A special approach for gaining and keeping a critical mass of TTT clients. This contributes to the establishment of the ERA integrating regional infrastructure s of excellence in Europe to develop sustainable synergies. Important part of the project management is a advanced real time project controlling.

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