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To continue to host an Innovation Relay Centre covering the Midlands region of the UK


The project proposes to deliver a package of inter-linked actions to promote transnational technology transfer between the Midlands region of the UK and other European regions.Analysis of the technology needs and technologies available for exploitation fro m the region will be sustained through a series of direct support actions to individual clients.A programme of company visits,mailings and promotion through seminars and the use of electronic communication will be delivered to continue to attract organisat ions to the services of the Innovation Relay Centre network.Matching of technology needs and newly developed technologies will be maintained through direct contact with the network of InnovationRelayCentres,through the use of web tools and through the orga nisation of brokerage events, missions and visits.Promotion of EU research results will be enhanced through direct contact with project co-ordinators,identifying the exploitation opportunities of the project results and identifying potential collaborators through the network of Innovation Relay Centres and direct contact with potential takers of the technology.The programme of activity will address the elements which lead to successful technology transfer,the promotion of an innovation culture,the exploitat ion of research results and co-operation with other services.These elements will remain the constituent parts of a holistic approach to the provision of service through the entire innovation process.The InnovationRelayCentre will continue to integrate its services within the wider context of European,national and regional business support services and fill the gap which other support services do not address.The Innovation Relay Centre will seek to continue the process of attracting new companies to the core services of the network,and to motivate the region's industrial base to ensure that technology transfer and exploitation opportunities benefit local and European innovation development.

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