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Emerging technologies to address water treatment in developing countries

Periodic Report Summary - SOLARSAFEWATER (Emerging technologies to address water treatment in developing countries)

The SOLARSAFEWATER project aimed to:
1. disseminate the most recent research results and promote the transfer, exploitation and assessment of solar photocatalytic technologies for water decontamination and disinfection, as applied in rural areas of developing countries;
2. contribute to the development of regional networking with trained human resources, integrated with European specialists, on solar water treatment;
3. investigate the potential for future research and development (R&D) activities regarding pilot actions that would exploit the proposals of a previously undertaken European project.

An international course was designed and organised, including lectures on the characteristics of available technologies. The event targetted young scientists and engineers and was highly successful. The potential to reorganise the event was hence investigated.

Moreover, a symposium was held, aiming to present the state of the art of advanced oxidation technologies (AOTs) for water purification, including photocatalysis, and to disseminate knowledge among potential users, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and top officers. The discussed alternatives were based on the findings of the 'Solwater' project, whose participants were represented in the symposium. An attempt to include other relevant projects in SOLARSAFEWATER proposals was also undertaken.

In addition, various activities were undertaken for the dissemination of the events' outcomes, the stimulation of networking actions and the motivation of future research initiatives. The creation of a project website and the publication of documentation that was related to the symposium and the course were very helpful towards maximising the impact of SOLARSAFEWATER.