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Computational studies of nanomagnetic phenomena


As a subfield of nanotechnology, nanomagnetism is of profound technological importance. Nanomagnetism deals with magnetic phenomena at the nanometre scale. Among the many interesting systems in this context are magnetic nanowires and nanocontacts, magnet ic quantum dots, magnetic semiconductors, nanostructured carbon, magnetic multilayers, magnetic surfaces and surface alloys, and interfaces between magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. Research on nanomagnetism has but started, and we are in a situation where even many basic phenomena are poorly understood or not at all, such as conductance through magnetic nanowires. It will be crucially important for the development of this field to devote efforts to understanding basic phenomena. I plan to take on two junior researchers. We will use state-of-the-art computational techniques to address basic nanomagnetic phenomena. The work will concentrate around the following two topics: 1. Magnetism, structure and electric transport in nanowires, using first-princip les computational methods. 2. Magnetism and strong correlations in nanosystems, using dynamical mean-field theory in combination with first-principles computational methods. The research topics mentioned above have been chosen since they are exciting, n ovel, controversial and open. We expect to significantly advance the state-of-the-art of the field with every result we get.

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ERG - Marie Curie actions-European Re-integration Grants


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