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Content archived on 2024-05-29

identification of antithypertensive peptides in dry-cured ham: nutritive and functional involvement


The present proposal has as main and general objective the study of the functional properties of peptides existing in dry-cured ham in relation with their ability to reduce blood pressure, with the aim to evaluate if dry-cured ham intake, despite its NaCl content, can be recommended for hypertensive population. The effect due to the presence of certain peptides having hypotensive properties could balance this NaCl content, or even give a net hypotensive effect due to ham intake. The results of the present s tudy could help in the regulation of blood pressure through diet, with the positive consequences that, especially for the hypertensive population, this would imply. This goal will be achieved by the transfer of knowledge and skills that the applicant, Dr. Sentandreu, has acquired during his initial Marie Curie Fellowship working in Dr. Ouali's laboratory at INRA of Theix (France). The present proposal will benefit from this important scientific background by the implementation of two concrete objectives: A. - Isolation and identification of peptides. naturally present in dry-cured ham, having a remarkable antihypertensive activity: By use of Chromatographie techniques, we will isolate the peptides contained in a dry-cured ham peptide fraction selected for hav ing remarkable antihypertensive activity. For each one of the separated peptides, their hypotensive activity will be tested in vitro. Furthermore, for those peptides having the highest antihypertensive activity their sequence will be elucidated by use of p roteomic techniques. B.- Development of immunological methods for the direct quantification of key antihypertensive peptides in ham extracts: Peptides showing the best antihypertensive properties will become key markers to evaluate, in the future, the pote ntial role of the different types and qualities of dry-cured ham in the regulation of blood pressure. To accomplish a precise, specific, rapid and easy quantification of #

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