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Content archived on 2024-06-16


Final Report Summary - GENOMED-HEALTH (Health of populations in the Mediterranean in the post-genomic area)

The ultimate aim of the GENOMED-HEALTH project was to build networks and develop an innovative, complementary and balanced partnership in the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC). The principal objectives of the GENOMED-HEALTH project were to:
- assess and discuss about the impact of recent progresses in genomics on the health of populations especially in developing countries: impact on diagnosis, prevention, therapy of communicable and non- communicable diseases;
- identify the research priorities for communicable diseases, and non-communicable diseases;
- discuss innovative mechanisms to build a balanced European-Mediterranean partnership;
- identify Ethical, social and legal issues (ELSI) related to genomics with a focus on the Mediterranean socio-cultural context;
- learn more about the Intellectual property rights (IPR) issues in the context of genomics;
- identify and help emergence of regional research networks;
- assist members of selected networks in the preparation of proposals to be submitted in the next International cooperation programme (INCO) calls.

Two workshops were organised, GENOMED-HEALTH 1 and 2. The aim of the first workshop was to discuss the potential impact of genomics on the health of populations in the specific context of the Mediterranean area and identify research priorities and mechanisms for the European-Mediterranean partnership in the health research domain. The objective of the second workshop was to help selected networks, on priorities identified during the first workshop, in writing proposals to be submitted to the next INCO-MPC calls. Seven satellite meetings were also organised.