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Bridging restoration and multi-functionality in degraded forest landscape of Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean islands

Final Report Summary - FOREAIM (Bridging restoration and multi-functionality in degraded forest landscape of Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean islands)

Uganda, Kenya and Madagascar are strongly affected by deforestation and degradation of forest ecosystem especially in humid and sub-humid zones. Itinerant agriculture, human pressure and erosion are among the main factors driving degradation. In those countries, to secure rural livelihoods, enhance environmental benefits and enable development, forest restoration and rehabilitation are urgently required. Despite the expanding degradation, little hard information is available on restoration options for tropical humid and sub-humid regions. Thus, at national and regional scales, strategies for rehabilitation to achieve sustainable management of forest are extremely limited.

The general objectives of FOREAIM were three-fold: with a broad based multidisciplinary approach instead of the mono disciplinary methods which currently predominate local forest restoration research, we:
1) advanced scientific understanding of the restoration processes and through this we shall;
2) produced knowledge, practical tools, models and management guidelines for restoration implementation; and
3) with full involvement of all stakeholders, we synthesised information on economic, societal, policy and marketing issues to enhance employment opportunities and incomes, thus improving livelihoods for all sectors of the community.

In developing sustainable regeneration techniques for these natural ecosystems, we utilised ecologically and economically important species of international and export interest which are thus capable of enhancing development opportunities. Through top down and bottom up approaches with all stakeholders (dwellers, local farmers, producers, policy and decision makers) we also improved methods of knowledge and technology transfer, as well as uptake of practical forest restoration.