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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Neutral Interfaces for Robotics


The objective of the project is to develop neutral interfaces and neutral data formats for the exchange of geometrical, technological and programming functions and data between CAD, robot planning and robot control. The user-oriented robot programming language is treated as an interface, between the programmer and the programming system. These developments will be based on formal techniques for specifying the interfaces that are relevant for the robotic application area. In this sense, the proposed project follows the approach of ESPRIT project 322 and extends its scope into the robotics domain.

The first phase of NIRO is covered by ESPRIT II project 2614. This project covers its continuation and completion. The text relates to the whole project.

The main aim is to develop processors, software tools and methods that will enable multivendor systems to be put together. An important topic of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach by constructing prototypes to prove the inter-communication capabilities between systems built from multivendor modules.

The development of neutral interfaces consists basically of the following steps:

- identification of the relevant interfaces
- identification of the information representing the functions and data for planning, programming and program execution in robotics which have to flow across the interfaces
- formal specification of the data types and statements and their semantics and syntactical representation
- development, testing and enhancement of processors
- implementation of the software tools in an industrial environment
- demonstration and documentation
- active contribution to international standardisation activities in the areas of product data technology, robot programming language, and robot control code.


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