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Setting up and operating the national network in Hungary as part of the ERAMORE project


The objective of this project is to create and maintain the Hungarian Bridgehead institutions and national mobility network as a member of the international network of researchers' mobility centres. In a broader context this network is devised to provide information and proximity assistance to researchers in matters like entry conditions, visas, work permits, job opportunities, taxation, pension issues, health care, social security, accomodation, day care etc. At present, informing researchers lacks organisation in Hungary. The 'ad hoc' nature of information provision for incoming and outgoing researchers is to be overcome by the effective activity of the national network, which will comprise of regional networks. The setting up of the regional networks will be accompanied by the bridgehead organizations' actions to assure the content background by identifying possible content providers, developing information sources (Host Page for incoming grantees on the TPF homepage), uploading information to the national portal. The promotion of the network and its services will be a special task. Information days, leaflets, newsletters, conferences and the media will inform researchers and organizations involved in research about the opportunities offered by the initiative of the European Commission. The bridgeheads and regional contact points before the beginning of the 'promotion campaign' will develop a set of tools to assist those who apply for assistance. The traditional customers' service will be accompanied by newsletters issued in two languages and different ICT devices (the Virtual Office, e-forum). Through the activities of this project, the importance of the interdependence of academic and industrial research will be stressed. The active involvement of members from both sectors would also contribute to putting future strategies into practice on the improvement of the mobility rate of Hungary and also of the Central and Eastern European region.'

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