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Non-relativistic effective field theories of QCD


The project .deals with effective field theories ofQCD that describe physical processes where bound-state systems made of two heavy quarks, generically denoted as heavy quarkonia, are involved. There has been in recent years a huge progress in our understa nding of these effective field theories (NRQCD, pNRQCD,...), which may lead now to substantial advancements in the derivation of the heavy quarkonium phenomenology from QCD. This, going from spectroscopy to decay and production observables will be the main subject of the project. More specifically, we will try to improve our knowledge on weakly coupled heavy quarkonium states and have a better determination of some fundamental parameters of the Standard Model (the heavy quark masses and the strong coupling constant).. We will study decay observables, which will lead us to . fix non-perturbative and apos;matrix elements of QCD and better understand the behaviour of the perturbative serÿ­es. We will address the non-relativistic factorization in production pro cesses. Possible developments of the project also include heavy quarkonium properties in media and QED bound states. A program, which extensively deals with heavy quarkonium properties, seems to be timely in view of the huge amount of data produced recentl y and still expected by the experiments at BES, CLEO, B factories and Tevatron. The main part of the activities of the present project will be linked to those of the recently founded Quarkonium Working Group, which involves a large part of the physicists ( experimentalists, latticists, phenomenologists) working in the field in Europe, USA, China and Japan. This should help to keep the European scientific community working in the field strongly linked to the most advanced and competitive groups outside Europe .

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