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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Precision observables in inclusive decays of the B meson and their prediction


The large amount of new data coming from the B factories represents a challenge to our theoretical understanding of strong interactions. In particular, we expect very precise measurements of inclusive B decays, both in the semileptonic and radiative modes. In order to use the upcoming data in the most efficient way, and to extract from them information on the fundamental interactions of the b quark and on possible new physics, it is mandatory to improve the theoretical predictions of the most important quan tities, like the total semileptonic width, relevant to the extraction of IVcbl, and the branching ratio for radiative decays. The present project aims at reducing the theoretical error in inclusive observables through the calculation ot higher order effect s and an advanced analysis of data sensitive to the non-perturbative parameters of the B meson. The main objectives are: 1) calculation of the mixed perturbative /non-perturbative corrections to the total width and to the moments of the semileptonic distri butions; 2) detailed study of the theoretical errors and extended global analysis of the moments; 3) progress towards the NNLO calculation of inclusive radiative B decays; 4) study of supersymmetric effects in rare inclusive B decays. Dr. Gambino has recen tly been selected for a permanent position at INFN, Torino. The ERG should assist his professional reintegration in Italy after 12 years spent abroad, giving him the possibility to invite collaborators, to travel at conferences, and to hire a research asso ciate, who would work with him and would form the basis of a small group. The total amount requested is 50000 Euros for the period 1/9/2004-31/8/2005. A successful ERG will greatly enhance the chances of a rapid progress of his career.

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