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Gravitational physics from the analogue gravity perspective


Analogue models of General Relativity (GR) are condensed/matter/quantum optics systems that in certain regimes reproduce the physics of fields propagating over curved spacetimes. Essentially, the idea behind most of these models is that, in a flowing fluid , the propagation of acoustic waves is controlled by an effective Lorentzian metric that depends on the characteristic of the flow. In this project we propose to investigate several types of gravitational configurations from the analogue gravity perspectiv e. In particular, we want to analyse the prospects for creating artificial black holes, scale models of cosmplogical universes and artificial braneworld geometries. We will concentrate in one of the most promising analogue systems proposed up to now, Bose-Einstein condensates in dilute gases. First, we propose to analyze the requirements for constructing configurations with at least a black hole horizon (acoustic horizon), and with a long-enough period of dynamical stability so as to serve as a background i n which to observe the analogue of Hawking and apos;s evaporation process. We plan to investigate the different types of instabilities that could appear on this endeavour and the possibilities to circumvent them. On the conceptual side, we want to see whet her Hawking radiation phenomenon is robust against super- luminar modifications of the dispersion relations. Second, we want to analyze the possibilities that these systems offer for creating scale models of cosmologically expanding universes. The current ability of modifying the strength of the interaction in Bose-Einstein condensate opens up an interesting possibility. We want to investigate these configurations and its semiclassical consequences, that is, their associated cosmological particle production . We are particularly interested on how the modifications to this phenomenon when considering high energy corrections to field propagation. Finally, we are interested in braneworld analogue models.

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