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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Strings theory in time-dependent backgrounds and cosmology


This proposal will support fundamental research in theoretical physics. More precisely, it will fund research on String Theory and its applications to Cosmology. String theory is the most concrete proposal to a consistent quantum description of gravitation al interactions. The main scientific goal of this proposal is to investigate the physics of the very early Universe using modern techniques of String theory. There will be two main guidelines of research. One, more theoretical, is to study strings on time-dependent geometries, such as our Universe, therefore investigating the physics of quantum gravity on non-stationary space-times. The other, which is phenomenological, is to continue the research of a string cosmology model proposed during my Marie Curie f ellowship at LPTENS in Paris. The goal is to analyse possible observational consequences of supergravity based cosmological models, therefore searching for experimental evidences of a unifying theory using our Universe as a laboratory. Presently I am respo nsible scientifically for 2 post-docs and 1 Ph.D. student. I am starting a new research group at Oporto University in the fields of Gravitation and High Energy Physics. This grant will be very important to fully achieve this goal and to succeed in obtainin g a permanent job at the university. Furthermore, it will attract young students to do research in physics, helping to prevent the worrysome situation Europe is presently facing: the drain of young minds away from Sciences and, in particular, away from Phy sics and Mathematics.

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