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Coordination of IST research and national activities


Europe's future prosperity depends on its competing successfully in a number of key knowledge-based industries, of which those based on information and communications technologies or "information society technologies (IST)" probably form the largest economic block. To achieve this economic success in the longer term, it is necessary to circumvent the barriers posed by national boundaries and differing research policies and priorities and bring together a critical mass of resources from across Europe to research key technologies.

The aim of CISTRANA is to achieve coordination of national ICT programmes with each other and with European RTD programmes in order to improve the impact of all RTD efforts in Europe and to reinforce European ICT competitiveness. CISTRANA will do this by applying a step-by-step approach paving the way for the implementation of trans-national research activities.

Resulting activities are focused on a number of interconnected objectives:
- develop a map of the national research landscape in the area of IST;
- pinpoint research topic areas and strategic themes where cooperation is essential;
- establish sustainable mechanisms including common methodologies and procedures to set up trans-national coordination initiatives between several member and associated states.

CISTRANA is a three- year initiative by the Member and Associated States which will help shape future national programmes and contribute to the strategic development of Framework Programme 7. The project outputs will be:
- a public IST Research Portal on national research activities
- a significant number of trans-national coordination activities
- structures and connections essential to achieve a high degree of research integration of national (and Community) research activities

Thus, CISTRANA will be a strategic milestone to set up the European Research Area in the Information Society.

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