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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications


The Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications (K-Wf Grid) addresses the need for a better infrastructure for the future Grid environment. The Grid as a vast space of partially-cooperating, partially-competing Grid services will be a very dynamic and complex environment. In order to address the complexity in using and controlling the next generation Grid the consortium will adopt the approaches envisioned by semantic Web and Grid communities in a novel, generic infrastructure. The K-Wf Grid system will assist its users in composing powerful Grid workflows by means of a rule-based expert system. All interactions with the Grid environment are monitored and evaluated. The knowledge about the Grid itself is mined and reused in the process of workflow construction, service selection and Grid behaviour prediction. Workflows are dynamic and fault-tolerant beyond the current state-of-the-art. The K-Wf Grid system is generic by providing domain-independent system components, freeing the user from the burden of complex Grid usage and maintenance.
Specific application knowledge is added in a customisation phase carried out by system integrators including SME. The consortium will demonstrate this generality by applying K-Wf Grid in three different application domains regarding scientific simulations (flood forecasting simulation) as well as industrial applications (ERP and traffic management).
K-Wf Grid contributes to strengthen SME and create progress by aggregating SME contributions with those of research organizations and global players. Two industrial SME - Softeco and LogicDIS - are involved in the project, enabling a strong focus on SME research and application, including transferability of results to real-world practice and strengthening of the European SME landscape. The achievements of K-Wf Grid will help to bring the benefits of a global computation and information environment to a broader user space beyond the computer science community.

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