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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Measuring Urban Landscape - From Hermeneutic Approach to Sociological / Spatial Analysis


Due to globalisation and ¡nternationalisation, we can see the links between the built and natural environments, or urban landscape, rapidly mutating in Europe and in many countries around the world. We are confronted by an upheaval of the cultural links, e stablished over the centuries, between societies and surrounding territories. The essential question of the sustainable development of towns is directly related to these mutations. To handle those transformations, and to be able to imagine some comparativ e referential, we need to conceive a precise and rigorous description of these urban landscapes as spatial and physical objects which help to control the social variables of their organisation. For this measuring system to be adequate, we will need to take into consideration the diversity of milieus, the multiplicity of relations between societies and their environments. In fact, depending on those relationships, a double phenomenon is activated. There are the transformations of the environment, and on the other hand there are the societies that are always changing their appreciation and perception of those environments. Also, the aim of this research is to establish a methodological tool based on a dual, syntactical approach and on a hermeneutic system, ta king in consideration the multiplicity of perceptions linking societies to their surrounding urban landscape. The intention of this research is to associate from a theoretical and practical point of view the investigations made into the built environment by the Space Syntax laboratory of London University College with the works done about landscape by the laboratory and post-graduate course \"Gardens, Landscapes, Territories\" of the School of Architecture of Paris la Villette. The objective would be to f ormulate an original methodology and primary tools, which could be used for analysis of urban landscape throughout the world, and to propose some solutions for their sustainable change.

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