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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Integrated three-dimensional television - capture, transmission and display


A NoE addressing the 3DTV issues will be formed and kept operational. Creating exact 3D moving images as ghost-like replicas of 3D objects has been an ultimate goal in video science. Capturing 3D scenery, processing the captured data for transmission, and displaying the result for 3D viewing are the main functional components. These components encompass a wide range of disciplines: imaging and computer graphics, signal processing, telecommunications, electronics, optics and physics are needed.

The primary objective is to align European researchers with diverse experience and activity in distinct, yet complementary, areas so that an effective network for achieving full scale 3D video capabilities integrated seemlessly to a more general information technology base (like internet), is established and kept functional for a long time. About 150 researchers from well known 20 institutions are committed. The NoE topic and the planed activities well coincide with the objectives of the IST Priority. The NoE will create a highly needed synergy among the European partners, at a critical time since 3DTV related research has been significantly accelerating throughout the world, and therefore will boost the European competitiveness.

The activities are grouped under "integration activities", "jointly conducted research activities", "activities to spread excellence" and "management activities. Integration activities are diverse and include general research meetings, setting up internal communications/exchange infrastructure, developing the basis for common software libraries. There is a well- composed organizational structure and a strong management plan. Potential application areas will also be investigated. Social impact of 3DTV and gender related issues in technical research fields will be discussed. The technology level reached after the jointly conducted research activities will be presented as a set of deliverables for exploitation of results.

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