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People are used to being able to contact anyone, anywhere, at anytime. However, the challenge of enabling mass-market-scale ubiquitous services and applications remains. The strategic goal of MobiLife is to bring advances in mobile applications and services within the reach of users in their everyday life by innovating and deploying new applications and services based on the evolving capabilities of 3G systems and beyond. Future environments - affected by the ICT convergence - give new possibilities, but also new challenges due to increasing heterogeneity, user needs and expectations. The research challenge of MobiLife is to address problematics related to different end-user devices, available networks, interaction modes, applications and services. MobiLife will have both technological and societal global impact by addressing the technical viability and user-acceptance of solutions that belong to three main Focus Areas: Self-awareness provides support for automatic configuration arrangement of devices, services, and local connectivity in the user's local environment. It also enables automatic and multi-modal interfaces that enhance the user experience and minimise the active user effort needed in managing the local environment. Group-awareness comprises context and presence support enabling individuals to relate to, share, and interact with each other and common artefacts. Also novel privacy and trust models are addressed, which are mandatory for users to be able to rely on and use these new services and applications. World-awareness offers automatic support for seamless access to and delivery of services across different domains that enable individuals to retain the accustomed use of their services, as they move between different environments and infrastructures. The MobiLife consortium consists of application owners, manufacturers, operators, solution providers and academia. MobiLife is part of the Wireless World Initiative.

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