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The overall goal of EPRI-Knowledge is to support the development of visions and leadership among Europe's national parliamentarians, in the realm of ICTs. EPRI-Knowledge is a 3-year awareness-raising and dissemination project with the following objectives: i) To monitor and to observe the process of diffusion of information and communication technology and the development of knowledge management techniques in 39 parliamentary assemblies of the EU and the NAC. ii) To expose parliamentary decision makers to new technology developments by dedicated small group workshops on future and emerging technologies coming from flagship IST projects, relevant for parliamentarians as well as for society iii) To facilitate knowledge exchange between parliamentarians and parliaments on the use of technology in parliamentary work through the yearly EPRI Conferences, each focused on a main theme designed to reinforce consultation and vision building processes, iv) To disseminate information about IST issues and results to parliamentarians in Europe through reports, web communications and newsletters. The project is structured into three phases, which are designed to - first measure and raise awareness levels of IST among parliamentarians, - then to support key decision makers from this audience in developing visions on IST futures, and - thirdly to assist them in converting these visions into innovative leadership strategies. Each phase will include a study, a workshop and an annual conference, in addition to a range of complementary communications and dissemination activities. The outcomes of this project are expected to be: raised understanding of and interest in IST among parliamentarians, a number of ICT visions and leadership strategies, developed collaboratively by the participating politicians, development of a sustainable framework for exchange between members of 39 national parliaments and assemblies, on ICT issues.

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