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High-integrity Java application


Future real-time embedded systems will become increasingly important to society leading to many of the underlying networked embedded systems becoming high-integrity systems, where failures can cause loss of life, environmental harm, or significant financial loss. As embedded systems pervade society, their design, maintenance, and certification will require highly flexible, hardware independent technology to ensure cost effectiveness.

The strategic objective of the HIJA project is to advance real-time systems implementation technologies to support the development of architecturally neutral, high-integrity real-time systems (ANRTS) by developing a Java based technology framework that makes ANRTS a reality. The project extends work from previous projects and includes RTD addressing: Identification of suitable computational models; Analysis and tools on functional correctness, resource usage and schedulability; Development of an ANRTS reference implementation, including native code, partitioning, and predictable memory management; Networking support including units of distribution, real-time communication, and dynamic code replacement; and Development process support based on Java program annotations including traceability, source level debugging, and run-time monitoring.

The project will provide ANRTS prototype platforms for three different types of networked embedded systems: Safety-critical systems, Business-critical systems and Flexible dynamic systems. In addition, three use cases in Avionics, Automotive and Ambient Intelligence will validate the ANRTS framework. The results from the 27 month project are expected to provide important benefits for European industry including: increased developer productivity as compared to existing architecture specific programming methods, substantial savings in migrating embedded systems to different processor architectures, and reductions in maintenance costs for embedded systems applications.

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