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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Clinical experience with bone marrow cells and myoblasts transplantation for myocardial repair


Heart failure caused by the ischaemic heart disease is one of the most common causes of morbidity an mortality across Europe, especially high among elderly people, but the post-infarction myocardial injury is also major cause of disability in younger survi vors from myocardial infarction. The proposed project is dedicated to stimulate "state-of-the-art" research on the clinical applications of autologous stem cells, including bone marrow derived stem cells as well as myoblasts, to the regeneration of heart m uscle in irreversibly damaged post- infarction regions. The consortium includes most experienced European clinical researchers in the field, which already had accomplished the phase I clinical trials in participating centres. The researchers from participa ting centres have agreed to coordinate their future clinical trials on stem cell transplantation for myocardial regeneration in patients with postinfarction heart failure, as a result of the proposed project. This will include analysis of polled clinical d ata obtained in participating centres, reciprocal exchange of information on cell culture and cell preparation for transplantation. This will also include standardization of clinical protocols aiming at evaluation of the clinical efficacy of myocardial rep lacement therapy as well as hand-on training of different techniques of cell delivery, including percutaneous cell transplantations, in particular trans-coronary arteries bone marrow stem cell delivery protocols as well as trans- ventricular and trans-card iac-veins myoblast injection techniques. As a result of further integration of the consortium, it is expected to stimulate formation of a common future phase III studies at international level, especially with an option of submitting future Integrated Proj ect application within the 6th Framework Programme.

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