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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Electrical bio sensor arrays for analyses of harmful micro organisms and microbial toxins


Main objective is to develop an advanced platform for analysis of harmful micro organisms and/or their toxic products. The goal will be reached by integration of the data on genomes and proteomes available through bioinformatics and advanced silicon and m icrosystem technology. The platform, based on ambitious electric biochip arrays, will enable parallel and simultaneous identification and quantification of specific nucleic acids, microbial proteins and toxic microbial products. The targets are recognized and captured by DNA probes or antibodies on the electrochemical transducer surface, that are arrays of nm-sized interdigital gold electrodes The captured analyte molecules are labelled with an enzyme that produces an electroactive product thus generatin g an electric current that corresponds to the concentration of the target analyte in the sample. All application developing partners use this platform and same electrical read out instrumentation but they implement their special expertise into developmen t of specific innovative chip arrays. The DNA-and protein-arrays require different and specific procedures for chip loading of the recognition elements, and for detection. The equipment's will be portable devices and are furnished with disposable chips. The technique will be generic but the applications in the project are selected analyses of food and water born harmful micro organisms and microbial toxins: 1) Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEG, ETEC, EHEC etc); 2) Salmonella enteriditis 3) pa thogenic strains of Bacillus cereus, 4) pathogenic Staphylococcus strains that cause food poisoning and infections, 5) Legionella responsible for the Legionnaire's disease distributed via water, and 6) Mycotoxins. The diagnostic equipment is evaluated fo r functionality in different exploratory prototypes by a large industrial partner and a specialised SME, assessing the quality management issues for pharma/food/evironmental industry.'

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