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European membrane protein laboratories


E-MeP is a funded EC FP6 integrated project. Its research will develop new technologies to solve the bottlenecks that preclude the determination, at high throughput, of high-resolution structures of membrane proteins and their complexes by integrating th e activities of world leaders in membrane protein structural biology. E-MeP-Lab is a proposal for an SSA to exploit this confluence of talent. For the first time Europe's membrane protein structural biology community will converge as teachers and demonst rators in a Master Class and five Advanced Practical Courses in the best equipped laboratories in their fields in Europe. This research field is important because membrane proteins comprise the major target group of modem structural genomics, with approx imately 70% of human targets for therapeutic intervention being from this class. E-MeP-Lab's objectives are to: - increase the pool of appropriately-skilled young researchers in membrane protein structural genomics; - provide access for all European rese archers to training programmes; - integrate with other Structural Genomics programmes to facilitate a coherent European Structural Genomics strategy on membrane and soluble proteins. In addition to working with researchers from European Member States, th e project aims to harness the considerable scientific talent in the Accession countries to ensure their full participation within the European Structural Genomics community, through the provision of ring-fenced funding. Together with an analysis provided by an expert in gender and mobility issues, this will provide an excellent opportunity to evaluate the potential impact of enlargement on scientific mobility and gender participation. Thus, achievement of balanced growth in the wider ERA will be achieve d with a particular focus on the transfer of knowledge in the structural genomics of membrane proteins.

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