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From cell-cell recognition to memory formation. New strategies for the treatment of dysfunctional plasticity, learning and memory


The PROMEMORIA project focuses on the role of cell recognition processes in normal and dysfunctional plasticity, learning and memory with the aim of developing compounds with a beneficial effect on diseases involving cognitive impairment. The consortium expects to discover new genes and proteins, identify novel pathogenic mechanisms and define new therapeutic strategies. This is highly relevant to the objectives of thecall: LSH-2003-2.1.3-2. The consortium consists of 18 leading teams from 11 countries, of which two are new EU-member states. It is composed of 14 academic partners and 4 SMEs. The partners cover a wide range of expertises and technical competencies required to address in an ambitious manner the full scope of the call. Thus, the consortium contains teams specialized in genetics, protein chemistry, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, animal models of learning and behaviour, in vivo test systems for a very broad range of behaviour and learning phenomena. Moreover, there is a considerable expertise in drug screening and development. The proposal presents a series of subprojects focused on gene discovery, structural biology, synaptic plasticity at both the physiological and morphological level, and a number of models of deficient plasticity, learning and memory. Moreover, the focus of the project, neuronal cell adhesion molecules, is novel and unique. Recent research has shown that these molecules play key roles in learning and memory. They have a very broad distribution in the nervous system for which reason they are optimal targets for drug development. An efficient dynamic management structure is proposed with four key objectives: Integration of research results and early identification of new findings; training of future world leaders in this research area; dissemination of results to scientists, patients and the general public; the issue of 5-10 patents securing protection and transfer to European industry of PROMEMORIA discoveries.

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