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Research and training network: language and brain


Objectives The Research and Training Network: Language and Brain (RTN:LAB) is composed of researchers dedicated to solving the mysteries of language organization in the brain. Our objectives are: * to integrate and expand current knowledge of brain process es that lead to word recognition; * to form a better understanding of how biological, perceptual, cognitive and environmental effects interact to form language systems in the brain; * to establish an active long-lasting network of collaborations and person nel exchange between leading institutions in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology; * to overcome inter-disciplinary barriers by exchanging complementary skills between different groups. Work plan We propose four complementary research themes tha t eventually will merge to suggest a multi-factorial explanation of language development. First, we will study biological factors underlying the development of language. Second, we will focus on perceptual and cognitive aspects of word recognition. Third, we will evaluate environmental factors on language development. Finally, we will look at lifelong language development. These four research themes will each involve four projects each, where we will use state-of-the-art experimental paradigms borrowed fro m psychology, neuropsychology, and neuroscience. Relevance to the FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Networks objectives Mobility: RTN:LAB will provide students and more experienced researchers with opportunities for collaboration across laboratories, betwe en disciplines and between European states. Gender: 33% of the RTN:LAB are women scientists, and we offer an attitude-change tutorial in gender and science issues as part of the training. Less-favoured-areas (LFA): one research team is from LFA (Oviedo) an d the network joint training course will be held there. Participating teams The RTN:LAB is built on existing collaborations and co-ordinated by the University of York (University of the year 2003 in the UK).

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