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Chiral expression and transfer at the nanoscale


Chirality "the left or right-handedness of things¿ is all around us and can have dramatic and triumphal or tragic consequences. Presently creation of it and effects it produces at the nanoscale are largely serendipitous. The Network aims to control and use chirality in these dimensions.The Network will work towards the common goal of probing and understanding chiral interactions at the nanoscale. Molecule-molecule and surface-molecule chiral interactions, together with the consequences of introducing chiral elements in nanostructures are burgeoning fields ripe to be explored to develop new quantitative understandings. They offer unique opportunities for the training of young scientists who will address key and enigmatic questions such as: How is chirality is expressed from the molecular to the nanoscopic length scale? How is its effect transferred and propagated? How is the molecular structure related to space group that describes a surface? What factors determine spontaneous enantiomeric resolution and how c an they be used at a surface? How can we exploit the expression of chirality in Nanostructures? What new physical phenomena arising from chirality can be observed? Can we influence the chiral nanostructures with physical fields? Can chiral patterning be ac hieved at the nanoscale and how can it be transferred and used? To answer these questions, a fundamentally molecular approach must be highly diversified: synthetic chemists must relate and communicate with experts in surface science and self-organisation, who, in turn, must possess a variety of instrumental skills, and both must be further backed up by experts in computational chemistry. The different perspectives and expertises will form a dynamic multi- and inter-disciplinary "melting pot" that will offe r the opportunity for early-stage researchers to prepare molecules, characterise them at the nanoscale and explain their behaviour, thereby attaining synthetic, instrumental, and computational abilities.

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