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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Unifying the European experience: historical lessons of Pan-European development


The network will contribute to the development of a truly European economic history profession, by analysing the economic development of Europe as a whole. The network will collect pan-European data for two time-scales, the long run (i.e. the past 150 year s), and the very long run (i.e. the past 1000 years). It will use up-to-date economic techniques, both theoretical and econometric, to analyse these data and provide accounts of European growth, European economic integration, and the changing nature of Eu rope¿s economic relationships with the rest of the world, in the long run and very long run. Core training objectives of the network include: 1) the development of a more quantitatively sophisticated approach to analysing historical data; 2) the promotion of pan-European and comparative economic history; 3) the development of a more `presentist¿, policy-relevant, economic history profession in Europe. Economic history is an interdisciplinary enterprise that requires young researchers to acquire a range o f quite different skills. Careful archival research, is necessary when constructing new databases and thinking sensitively about the evolution of the institutional framework. The tools of the economist are also required when analysing data, or when theoris ing about causal relationships between various variables. When analysing the evolution of policy economic historians interact with political scientists; whilst a consideration of the institutional framework brings contact with lawyers and legal historians , and an understanding of the wider social context requires contact with sociologists and social historians. This network will concentrate on the boundaries between economics and history but be sensitive to the wider inter-disciplinary agenda.

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