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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Knowledge-based intelligent design assistant

Final Report Summary - ASSIST (Knowledge-based intelligent design assistant)

The ultimate aim of the ASSIST project was to achieve a breakthrough in the use of advanced knowledge management techniques by means of an innovative Information and communication technology (ICT) solution affordable by Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The main business objectives were to:
- reduce the time to market of new products by at least 15 %;
- reduce the cost of project design by at least 15 %;
- improve the design performance and reduce the need for reworks by 25 %;
- increase the number of innovative ideas stemming from employees, customers or suppliers by at least 35 % and shorten the implementation time of new ideas;
- improve the environmental impact of the product design by 25 %.

The scientific and technical results include:
- the developments of an intelligent, web-based software system to support authoring and maintenance of a knowledge base including the product design requirements, conceptual designs, drawings, usage reports etc.;
- the development of an intelligent, context-sensitive user interface which takes into account the user needs;
- the development of Knowledge management (KM) tools for searching information;
- the definition of the tools for quick construction, refining and discarding iterations in rapid succession during the early phases of design;
- the development of a pre-defined output pattern which would be used as a basis for the next phase of the design process;
- the use of old drawings;
- the involvement of trade associations which could assist SMEs in validating the final results.

The project results have found applications in a big number of manufacturing SMEs in various sectors, which need to continuously develop innovative products, such as automotive, engineering and manufacturing engineering sectors.