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Joint network on european private law


The objectives of this proposal are: 1. Delivery of a "Common Frame of Reference" The Network will deliver a proposal for the "Common Frame of Reference" for European contract law as de-scribed in the Commission's Action Plan (COM [2003] 68 final). The proposal will be presented in the form of principles ("Common Principles of European Contract Law" = CoPECL), including definitions, general concepts and legal rules. They will be supplemented by comments, comparative notes and by evaluative analysis. The CoPECL will be published in as many languages as possi-ble. At the same time, a database will facilitate the access to the relevant legal sources. The researchers will take into account national laws, including case-law of national courts and established contractual practice, and also the existing EC acquis and relevant international instruments. During the whole process of research, practitioners will be involved in order to ensure that the results meet their needs. 2. Overcoming Research Fragmentation in the European Research Area The European research landscape is currently fragmented into different international groups which carry out their research independently. The Network will overcome this fragmentation by integrating these groups in order to pursue the common objective of developing the CoPECL as a proposal for a Common Frame of Reference. 3. Guidance to Legislators, Legal Practice and Academics The CoPECL will benefit legislators, legal practitioners and academics. They will especially smooth the planned revision of the acquis communautaire and secure more coherency of future EC legislation. Furthermore they may inspire further reflection on an optional new Community instrument. 4. Durable Research Integration and Dissemination of Knowledge The Network will not only lead to a functional co-operation of leading European research groups; it will furthermore create the framework for continuing and durable research.

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