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Network of research centres in human sciences on the Mediterranean area


To enhance the scientific value of research concerning the mediterranean area in the European Space and extend its impact to other countries, the "Network of Research Centres in Human Sciences on the Mediterranean Area " (RAMSES II) will bring together r eputed participants in Europe and in countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean. The network is a response to fight against the fragmentation of research and aims at bringing together the whole of specialists and research teams actually spread i n the pole of excellence. RAMSES 2 has as objective to build a new research field involving in long term both Europe and its neighbours : Mediterranean Studies. The Network will help to understand why the mediterranean is a major zone of tension at world scale, and to what extent the European union mediterranean partnership policy is an appropriate way of dealing with "the cradle of civilisation". In order to achieve these goals, the Network will : 1. organise an integrated task force of thinking and exper tise, to make the most discriminating use of the various disciplines in social and human sciences. 2. improve state-of-the-art knowledge of social and human realities by detailing the different cultural traditions of the region. 3. carry out a research pr ogramme which integrates : - disciplines and methods (history, sociology, law, sciences of religion, political science..) - means : creation and application of research tools for use in common (library networks, websites, data bases, cartographies..) - res earch capacity : circulation of researchers and graduate students, pooling of knowledge, publication in several languages. 4. make new knowledge available for the use of policy makers, of emergent actors in civil society (agents of democratisation, of the emancipation of women, NGOs, entrepreneurs..) of political actors and institutions in charge of the construction of Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

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