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Content archived on 2024-06-16

DIstributed generation in the associated States - Research priorites and challenges on the open electricity market


Bulgaria and Romania, countries under accession to the EU, should focus their efforts on further implementing and refining their distributed generation energy policy, as one of the issues to full and prompt implementation of EU requirements, particularly with regard to the internal energy market. In order to reach these targets, these countries should promote further use of RES, align with energy requirements, and develop a pro-active policy in a liberalised electricity market, as mentioned in the document "Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - Roadmaps for Bulgaria and Romania".

As distributed generation (DG) is foreseen to play during the next years an increasing role in the European electricity infrastructure and market, its perspective depends on local market conditions and regulations. Thus, there is a strong need to assess the barriers - technological, financial, and regulatory - which have to be removed, and to plan the actions for harmonisation of the related regulatory frameworks and market conditions. This assessment should be accompanied by targeted analyses of the private, public and political commitments, as well as of the impact of DG on key socio-economic aspects, CO2 reduction targets, emissions trading schemes, etc. In this respect, the developments of the DG technologies have to be analysed and encouraged under the specific circumstances facing these countries.

The project's goal is to identify the main research priorities related to the distributed generation field and to analyse the regulatory implications for establishing the appropriate frameworks. Another key activity is the promotion and dissemination of the concepts and best practices on DG to key actors in the field. The results of the project can contribute to the emerging of new policy measures and legislation, leading in increasing the short/medium-term deployment of distributed generation in Bulgaria and Romania.

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