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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Risk stratification in cardiovascular patients without ST-segment elevation: a new method using plasma 1H NMR metabolic analysis


Being able to diagnose cardiovascular diseases shortly after a patient's arrival at the hospital may be of great clinical importance because any delay in applying the proper treatment may hamper its efficiency and, hence, have a great effect on the patients survival. The objective of the project is to develop a method to diagnose cardiovascular diseases. We will use pattern recognition techniques based on NMR spectra obtained from plasma. Our short-term objective is to prove that NMR based metabolic analysis can be applied as a diagnostic tool. To achieve this we will first focus on the prognosis of unstable angina patients.

Some of those patients do recover only with pharmacological treatment while others do need more aggressive re-vascularisation approach in order to avoid further acute cardiovascular events. Providing a prognosis for angina will undoubtedly improve the treatment and, also, we think that by being a simpler approach than trying to diagnose all of cardiovascular disease we do increase our chances of success.

High field NMR spectra from plasma will be correlated with the patient clinical outcome using a wide range of chemometric and pattern recognition strategies. We expect to obtain a software algorithm that with the input of a NMR spectra will provide a score (number) directly related to the condition and short term evolution of the patient. The final goal of the project is to be able to test the system in a clinical environment. If, on top of accuracy and specificity, we can get results within an hour or receiving the sample then we will be confident that the methodology could be applied at the accident and emergency (A&E) environment.

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