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Building a set-up for single molecule fluorescence detection; application to the study of multichromophoric systems with application in molecular photonics and electronics


The aim of this project is to build an experimental set-up for single molecule fluorescence detection with the goal of studying multi-chromophoric systems with potential application in nanotechnology. Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy (SMFS), a powe rful tool to address the behaviour of matter at the nanoscale, has nowadays evolved to a new frontier in science with high impact in a wide range of disciplines. One of the areas where SMFS has found a widespread application is in the investigation of multi-chromophoric assemblies, an issue of current interest due to the unique optical properties displayed by those systems, which are promising components for molecular photonic and electronic devices. Herein two types of artificially synthesised chromophoric assemblies will be studied. First, attention will be focused on model systems where excitation energy transfer takes place between coupled units of donors and acceptors. An enhancement of the energy flow efficiency is expected for those systems.

This mechanism will be studied at the single molecule level and, subsequently, applied to build and investigate long dye arrays susceptible to allow for energy flow over large distances. To develop this project, the applicant has already reintegrated to a research institution in his own country with a contract for a period of five years. The experience of the host group with the synthesis of chromophoric systems will complement the applicant and apos;s expertise on the SMS field acquired during the initial Marie Curi e action in the University of Twente, then ensuring the successful development of the project.

The applicant will acquire a fruitful training in nanoscience and nanotechnology during the reintegration period, two thematic priorities of the 6th Framework Programme of the EU. This will benefit the applicant and apos;s long-term job stability in the framework of several research centres in nanotechnology recently launched in his region of origin.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/polymer science
  • /engineering and technology/nanotechnology

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

ERG - Marie Curie actions-European Re-integration Grants


Campus Universitari
Bellaterra (Cerdanyola Del Valles)