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Investigations of the absorber component of a solar desiccant air conditioning system


Goal of the proposed research project is to investigate a solar driven liquid-desiccant air conditioning system for different climatic conditions and building loads. The main advantage compared to conventional and other solar driven cooling systems is, t hat the electricity demand is replaced by very low temperature heat demand. This demand can be supplied by renewable energies, e.g. even by flat plate solar collectors.

The proposed research project shall be part of a project-cooperation with Universities in Canada and Australia. Due to the fact that the energy consumption for air conditioning increases rapidly in developed countries, the new air conditioning technology has the potential to reduce the electricity consumption and herewith CO2 emissions in Europe in a relevant scale. The key component of a liquid desiccant cooling system is the absorber/regenerator unit. In the absorber, humidity of the air is absorbed in a salt solution and the air is dried. Afterwards, water is evaporated in the dried air, and cools down the air meanwhile. The poor salt solution is recovered with low temperature heat.

The absorber can be realized with various geometries. In the proposed research project, investigations of a thin-film-parallel-plate construction shall be carried out. In the first part of the project, the overall system behaviour of a liquid desiccant air conditioning system shall be elucidated with system simulations. The system simulation tool TRNSYS shall be used. One outcome of the first part of the project shall be specifications of the absorber, like suitable dimensions, flow rates and temperatures, as well as concentrations. Furthermore, reference conditions, building loads, the control strategy and a target function needs to be defined. In the second part of the project, optical experiments of a falling film between two parallel plates shall be set up.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/atmospheric sciences/meteorology/solar radiation

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ERG - Marie Curie actions-European Re-integration Grants


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