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Protein factory for kinase substrate searching and protein detecting micro-array development


After decoding the genomes of several living organisms, the main interest of biologists is focused on protein studies. This new field of biology -the proteomics- is signified by large-scale protein analysis and needs high-throughput approaches. Progress of the proteomics studies are largely depends on availability of sufficient amount of a large number of proteins. Presently, the protein production is cumbersome and has to be optimised on case-by-case basis. We aim at delivering solution for this bottleneck of proteomics by devising a 'protein factory'. Elimination this rate-limiting step speeds up the proteomics research. We exploit the 'protein factory' in two applications, first, to devise a general substrate hunting protocol; second to invent protein-detecting micro-arrays (PDM). Identification of protein kinase substrates is a major challenge of the post-genomic era and requires improved methodologies. Despite several efforts with different methods the identification has been slow and intricate.

We describe a feasible protocol suitable for high-throughput substrate screening in any organism. We use this protocol for identification of plant kinase substrates involved in pathogen responses; hence, the expected results help understanding this agriculturally important process. PDMs are the protein sensors of future and could be used -besides basic science- in human diagnostic, food industry and environmental sciences. Development of these chips requires ample amount of assorted proteins, which could be conveniently produced with our system.

During my training, I participated in European and national projects and established essential connections. The complexity of research objectives needs dedicated experts from a number of field therefore urge cross-border and national co-operations. I can transfer my acquired knowledge to university offering a position in a multidisciplinary environment.

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