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Horizontal standards on hygienic parameters for implementation of EU directives on sludge, soil and treated bio-waste

Final Report Summary - HORIZONTAL-HYG (Horizontal standards on hygienic parameters for implementation of EU Directives on Sludge, Soil and Treated Bio-waste)

The ultimate aim of the HORIZONTAL-HYG project was to develop horizontal and harmonised European standards on hygienic parameters in the fields of sludge, soil, and treated biowaste in order to facilitate their regulation in the multiple decisions related to different uses and disposal governed by European Union Directives.

The project focused on evaluating the feasibility of the development of a horizontal standard or horizontal standards for sampling, biological parameters, hygienic parameters, organic parameters, inorganic parameters, mechanical properties and leaching in the fields of sludge, soil and treated biowaste. Horizontal in this context means standards that are applicable for a wider range of matrices covered by separate committees, namely the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) technical committees.

Harmonisation relates to the unified application of standards across EU Member States. The divergence in standard development had been strong over the years and had gone too far in several fields. The project aimed to converge to preferably one or two standards for a given parameter covering a wider range of matrices.

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