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Sustaining Europe's cultural heritage: from research to policy


One of the fundamental principles of sustainability is not to consume the earths non-renewable resources. Cultural heritage is a prime example of a non-renewable resource and by virtue of its longevity is an exemplar of sustainability in action. Sustain ability and its implementation in terms of environment, economy and society is high on the European political agenda. This project will demonstrate how sustainability can contribute to the preservation of, and access to, cultural heritage thus enhancing the long-term future of both the moveable and immoveable heritage. Equally, this project will also demonstrate how European cultural heritage is an integral part of a sustainable society. For example, by maintaining the use of historic buildings, unnec essary new construction and its associated material and energy costs to the environment are avoided. However, the evolution of European policy for the protection of cultural heritage has been rather slow, has rarely been underpinned by sound scientific r esearch and has often missed the links that could be made between cultural heritage and sustainability. This project seeks to address these issues through a European conference Sustaining Europes Cultural Heritage: From Research to Policy to be held in London in September 2004. Over 3 days, the conference will address the theme of sustainability of cultural heritage through presentations of recent Cultural Heritage research, workshop sessions, discussions, poster presentations and study visits. The co nference will be aimed at stakeholders involved in the issues of sustaining heritage, including conservation practitioners, scientists, SMEs, managers and including policy makers who long-term decisions directly and indirectly affect the preservation of cultural heritage.

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