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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Home Interactive Environment


The overall objective of HIVE is to develop a Man-Machine Interface (MMI) for a total home environment system which is easy to understand and use.

The project will integrate products from different companies and from different product categories. The following functions will be combined:

- sound and pictures
- comfort management
- energy control
- access to the public telephone network for services like home banking and teleshopping.

The HIVE project will develop and implement in prototypes new MMI principles, an MMI unit and the related IR system necessary for operating the total home system in an easy and logical way. HIVE will investigate whether the protocols developed in the project 2431, HOME project are sufficient for use in such a system; if not, new protocols and hardware will be developed. The objective of the MMI design is to develop a unified home automation interface across participants' products which will simplify user interaction with the home.

An MMI simulator tool will be specified and developed in order to develop the right MMI principles and the unit. The tool will be PC-based, with some additional hardware to make it possible to simulate and experience the MMI before it is implemented in products. The development of the software necessary for the tool will be based on the experience of the partners with existing MMI tools. The tool will be used to confront users with different MMI alternatives, quantitatively measure ease of use, and select the best interface.

Integration of the products is based on the HOME project's standard bus.


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