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The structures of civil society governance in promoting rural development (on the example of East Germany and Ukraine)


The development of rural areas is becoming an increasingly relevant political issue both in East Germany and Ukraine. The effectiveness of rural development policies can be maximised only when they are supported by strong bottom-up (grassroots) initiatives, represented by civil society organisations in rural areas. The idea of the project is to view various methods to promote rural development, involving the use of governments, markets, and civil society organisations, as governance structures differing in their appropriateness for various specific rural development problems.

The project will be aimed at determining the comparative effectiveness of these governance structures for promoting rural development, with particular emphasis on the structural types o f civil society governance. The conceptual innovativeness of the project lies therefore in the integration between economics of rural development in transition and the theory of economic organisation.

The specific objectives of research are
1) theoretical analysis of civil society governance;
2) evaluation of the potential of using the civil society governance for rural development purposes in each covered country;
3) development of recommendations for action for the key stakeholders of rural development.

The major methods to be used include: literature study, case studies of civil society governance in East Germany and Ukraine, surveys, development of spreadsheet tools. The applicant is currently a post-doctoral student at the Institute for Agricultural Economics, Kiev, Ukraine. The realisation of the proposed project at the Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) in Halle, Germany, will help the applicant to strengthen his competences and enhance his career perspectives, since the proposal is aimed at a highly politically relevant field of research. The topic of the project corresponds to research interests of both Institute for Agricultural Economics in Ukraine and IAMO.

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