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Generation of neutrino mass textures from concrete realizations of and apos; and apos;Randall-Sundrum and apos; and apos; scenarios (based on the existence of an extra dimension and solving the gauge


The recent renewed interest for physics of extra dimensions, providing new types of solutions to the gauge-hierarchy problem, has also lead to new approaches of the Standard Model fermion mass hierarchy problem. Hence, we plan to study, from a theoretical poi nt of view, constraints on fermion mass matrices, with special emphasis on interesting variations of the ''Randall-Sundrum'' model (based on a non-factorisable metric) which can solve both the gauge and fermion mass hierarchy problems. In those versions of the Randall-Sundrum scenario, either certain or all(except the Higgs boson) of the Standard Model particles reside inside the five-dimensional bulk. Moreover, we plan to construct all the possible concrete realizations of such Randall-Sundrum models, using the present experimental data on quark/lepton masses and mixing angles (including the last results from neutrino oscillation observations). Finally, based on the obtained realizations of Randall-Sundrum models, we plan to discuss quantitatively the fine-tuning of fundamental parameters, and to determine the predictions on neutrino mass spectrum and leptonic mixing angletheta_13 (which is weakly constrained by the present experimental data).

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Av. Rovisco Pais