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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Advanced process technologies for horizontal integration


In the future, the (information) society will drastically change. With the current progress in sub-100nm CMOS, digital signal processing (DSP), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), RF CMOS and nanoelectronics that rapidly merge with biotechnology, we ar e entering the post PC-era. We are evolving towards an intelligent environment in which we will be surrounded by smart things that communicate with each other and thereby augment our consciousness, protect our health and globally connect people and things.

IMEC has anticipated on this evolution by its so called "horizontal or heterogeneous integration" activities in which process modules are developed that provide additional functionalities to the core CMOS processes such as analog and passive devices for RF-CMOS applications, bipolar devices (BICMOS) for high frequency wireless applications, high Q passives and RF MEMS for wireless communications, embedded flash and RAM memories for data and code storage applications and devices for smart power applications.

In order to support the training of European researchers in this important field of the technology, this project aims at the creation of a research-training platform for early stage researchers with focus on the interdisciplinary research, necessary to extend current technologies with extra functionality. This Early Stage Research Training (EST) project will provide an efficient way to give universities access to these technologies via a "sandwich Ph.D.".

In this concept, the Fellow performs his/her Ph .D. at a university in cooperation with the Host organization. In practice this means that the fellows carry out their Ph.D. partly at the university and partly at the Host organization. The research-training program will host researchers in the 5 fields of horizontal and heterogeneous integration activities: Embedded Flash and RAM memories, Mixed technology devices, Smart Power devices, RF-MEMS and Supporting activities (Reliability, Characterization).

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