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Orsay training site on emergent phenomena in condensed matter physics: from the macro- to the nanoscales


The "Orsay Training Site on Emergent Phenomena in Condensed Matter Physics" offers the possibility to early stage researchers to apply for Ph. D. or shorter periods at the Laboratoire dePhysique des Solides d'Orsay. This laboratory is the largest institute devoted to condensed matter physics in France. It has, over nearly 45 years, formed most of the French community of condensed matter physics, as well as many foreign students and visitors. It has pioneered, since the 60's, important advancements in the field of condensed matter physics. Its scientific tradition enables numerous high level international collaborations and an outstanding experience in high quality research training. Students here benefit from the unique environment of the Orsay-Saclay area, where many French public or corporate research laboratories are located.

The project purpose is to develop the research-training offer and stimulate the education and mobility of early stage researchers, in new and important fields of Condensed Matter Physics. The aim is to take advantage of this environment for training "European Scientists in Condensed Matter", able to pursue a European or international career in academic or corporate research. Our objective is to set the highest standards for early stage training, so as to become a European centre of excellence in these issues.

The research project will be devoted to emergent physical phenomena in Condensed Matter Physics, which appear as important both on fundamental research aspects and for technological applications. A particular emphasis will be put on the new states of matter in correlated electron systems, the new physical phenomena at the nanometre scale and novel studies of soft and biological matter at the nanoscale. These fields encompass an extraordinarily rich variety of phenomena, but display an underlying unity based on common concepts, shared techniques, facilities and apparatus and on a common basic education given by our graduate school.

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