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Single molecule on surfaces: manipulation and study of chemical, electronic and vibrational properties with a low temperature ultra high vacuum scanning tunnelling microscopy


This project consists on the study of the interaction of single molecules on surfaces and their manipulation with a Low Temperature Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (LT UHV STM). In order to study the interaction between single molecules, t he electronic and vibrational properties of individually selected and targeted molecules will be measured.

The project can be divided into two parts: The first part, carried out during the outgoing phase of the project, will be dedicated to study the interaction of water with different systems. First, the interaction of water with hydrophobic and hydrophylic molecules will be studied in order to understand the wetting of water at the molecular level. After that, the interaction of water molecules with biological molecules such as aminoacids and nucleotides will be studied. The exact atomic positions at the water-adsorbate and water-surface interfaces will be determined by means of electronic and vibrational spectroscopy and arranging a controlled environment by manipulating the molecules with the STM tip.

The second part, carried out in the re-integration phase, will consist on the study of the electronic properties of nano-objects, focusing on single organic molecules that can be used in molecular electronics. The main part of the project will consist on how these are integrated into the electronic devices, i.e. the interface between the molecules and the leads. In order to understand the effect of the leads on the electronic properties of the molecules, a precise analysis is needed at the atomic scale, and LT UHV STM has proved so far to be the only technique capable of relating in-situ atomic structure to electronic properties. The interest of the project covers a large number of fields, such as nanoelectronics , nanocatalysis, biophysics or environmental science.

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