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Vision based integrated navigation for space exploration


This research project intends to prove that the integration/fusion of visual information with inertial measurements can providerobust surface relative navigation suitable for planetary lander missions to many different planets.The objectives will beachieve d through an international collaboration with the World's leading organisation on technology for planetary landers andspace exploration, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) / NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the UoD(University of Dundee ), Europe's leading organisation on simulation for testing planetary landers. During the Outgoing phase(2 years) JPL will provide the expertise and know-how required to the development of several Kalman filters both for planetaryand small Celestial bodies landings. During the return phase (1 year) the UoD will provide PANGU surface simulation utility forthe validation of the GNC sensor integration methods researched and developed at JPL.This project will contribute to the objectives of the European Research Area by promoting the integration of Europe's researchefforts and capacities leading to greater co-operation between Member States' research and a mutual opening up ofprogrammes. It addresses key technologies in one of the seven priority research areas de fined under the sixth frameworkprogramme, namely Aeronautics and Space. It promotes the fundamental principle "European added value", through thecombination of complementary national skills; it contributes to "federating excellence", and to "maximising hum an capital"through mobility. In addition, this project will also contribute to the vital alliance "science and society" by increasing theimportance, influence and attractiveness of European Science and technology at international level though an increasedp articipation in international scientific cooperation. Furthermore, it will address other community policies, namely the EuropeanSpace Policy outlined in the Eu#

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