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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Approximation of Turkish legal provisions in the field of consumer contracts to EU Law


The subject of the present research project will be the "Approximation of Turkish Legislation in the Field of Consumer Contracts to Community Law". Since February 1995 Turkey has been making every effort to approximate its legislation to EC law as far as possible. In order to implement the directives on consumer protection, a skeleton consumer protection law was enacted in Turkey in September 1995. Though this law is an important first step in approximating Turkish legislation to the provisions of Community law, it is not sufficient for achieving a full-fledged approximation to the standards of EC law. Therefore, the subject of this project is to investigate which further steps will be required in order to achieve a full-fledged approximation.

The central point of this project will be consumer contract law. The starting points of the investigation will be sources of law and legal cognition, which will lead to the current state of Community law in this branch of law. Working from this basis, the impact of the new consumer protection law on Turkish contractual law will be investigated and also how its provisions can be better harmonized with the standards of Community law. The secondary object of this research project is the preparation of Turkish legislation for the future unification of the European law of contracts or material civil law respectively.

The study is to support the strategic goal, which the Commission set in its notification on the European law of contracts, namely the goal of harmonizing material civil law. In this connection the reform efforts in Turkey in the framework of the reform of the law of obligations are certainly an important project in order to bring the Turkish law of obligations in a position where it can keep up with modern works of law in the European discussion. Working from this aspect the future approximation of the Turkish law of contracts to the Community law of contracts will be elaborated.

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