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The role of convergence in telecommunication in development of consumption of information services - comparative analysis of international experiences


Over the last few years there has been an explosion in new information and communication technologies. A converged, intelligent IP-based network that integrates data, voice, and video provides the foundation for an endless set of applications designed to make people more productive and businesses more competitive - all by increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing cost. The convergence processes extend and open many new opportunities for new telecommunication services. It will play an important role in the global economy, creating new markets and employment.

The sectors affected by convergence shall develop very rapidly. Convergence is important catalysts for developing demand for new service in Europe and developing capability of European industry to satisfy these demands. The service sector is a significant part of the economy in Denmark as in all other EU country. It is expected that the capacity for on-going service innovations will become more decisive to the competitiveness of service businesses in the future in the course of further internalisation and digitalisation.

Convergence will give people the possibility of accessing new and powerful sources of information, leisure and culture. The project aims at establishing a theoretical and methodological basic for understanding and designing convergence process and at the same time reflect upon the problematic aspect in uncritical development and implementation. The research will focus on the study of convergence process to explain the influence of convergence on emerging of an informational society in selected EU countries.

The role of convergence, structure and intensity of convergence in various countries will also be considered. Expected output will be demonstration of correlation between convergence and growth of consumption of informational services and presentation of social-economical effects of convergence.

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